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Fulton Boiler

The Fulton Companies

The Fulton company is the heat transer innovators.   Fulton manufactures a full complement of products including fully condensing boilers, copper fin boilers, vertical tubeless boilers, horizon fire-tube boilers, thermal fluid heaters, electric boilers and a complete line of boiler room accessories.  Fulton boilers will be found in schools, hospitals, office buildings, industrial facilities and laundry facilities among others.  All boilers have been manufactured for over 60 years in Pulaski, New York. 

Fully Condensing Boilers

The Fulton Pulse HW series (PHW) is a fully condensing boiler available in sizes from 300k to 2mm BTU/hr input capacities for hot water boiler applications. The Pulse combustion method combined with the Pulse fully condensing boiler design provides the highest efficiencies possible and years of worry-free operation with very low power consumption, as Pulse combustion requires no power burner.  The fully condensing boiler with pulse combustion can be equipped to fire natural gas, propane or both.  The Vantage series fully condensing boiler is available in sizes from 2 to 4 BTU/hr and can fire natural gas, propane, number 2 fuel oil or dual fuel arrangement.  The Fulton Vantage fully condensing boilers have been engineered to provide the highest thermal efficiencies possible.  The burner turndown capabilities and large heating surface area provide high performance in a fully condensing boiler.

The Vantage series boiler is the first fully condensing boiler to offer operation on number 2 oil as a backup fuel, allowing the use of existing fuels in retrofit applications. When number 2 oil is selected, the Vantage control system loads the correct fuel parameters, simplifying fuel switchover requirements.  The procedure is equally simple for natural gas/propane dual fuel installations.

The fully condensing boilers are ideal for heat pump loop, snow melt and any other low temperature application. Because of the large thermal mass, modulating burners and unique design of Fulton fully condensing boilers, it is not necessary to maintain constant flow or limited return water temperatures.

Copper Fin BoilersCopper Fin Boilers

The Fulton Reliance high-efficiency copper fin boiler has a thermal efficiency of up to 88% in non-condensing applications. A fully modulating burner provides the highest efficiency possible with emissions of fewer than 9 ppm of mono-nitrogen oxides and a non-vented gas train.  The Reliance copper fin boiler was designed for ease of maintenance and simple installation.  The Reliance copper fin boiler comes with a color touch-screen controller with intuitive, easy to adjust parameters. The controller has the integral capability to stage 8 boilers, as well as an extensive line up of capabilities such as pump control, stack temperature monitoring and much more.

Vertical Tubeless BoilerVertical Tubeless Boiler

With the original vertical tubeless down-fired boiler design, Fulton offers compact, durable boilers that have been manufactured for over 60 years, supplying steam and hot water to drycleaners and every type of industry imaginable.

Fulton vertical tubeless boilers offer efficiencies of up to 80%, firing with oil and/or gas capabilities and low emission burners (gas only).  All Fulton boilers are completely trimmed and optioned to your requirements.  Boilers ship as a packaged operating system that can be set in place and installed with a minimum of labor and material.  The classic ICW (hot water) and ICS (steam to 160 psi) series are available in sizes from 4 thru sixty boiler horsepower.

Vertical Multi-Port Hot Water Boiler

The Fulton VMP (Vertical Multi-Port) Boiler is available from 40 through 150 boiler horsepower.  In this hot water boiler, a series of heavy-walled, large diameter, schedule 80 flue pipes are welded to the top and bottom heads in the pressure vessel and are then surrounded by water.  The water-backed design speeds up boiler start up time and creates overall even heating and temperatures for a durable, trouble-free design that requires minimal maintenance.  The water-backed design plus the many other design features of the VMP result in fuel-to-steam efficiencies of up to 84%.

Electric SteamElectric Steam or Hot Water Boilers

Fulton Electric boilers are available as electric hot water boilers or electric steam boilers.  Fulton electric boilers are nearly 100% efficient because the heating elements are totally immersed in water and the pressure vessel is fully insulated, which results in minimal radiation losses.  Electric steam boilers are available from 1.2 through 100 boiler horsepower and up to 300 psi design.  Electric hot water boilers are available from 1.2 through 70 boiler horsepower.

The Parker Boiler Company

Parker Boiler
The Parker Boiler Company was founded in 1919 and is a manufacturer of steam boilers from 1.5 to 150 horsepower with pressures up to 250 psi.  They also manufacture direct-fired hot water boilers (available as gas-, oil-, 

propane- and combination-fired) ranging from 300,000 to 6,800,000 BTU, with operating temperatures up to 400degF and pressures up to 300 psi.  Parker's indirect gas-fired water heaters handle pressures to 150 psi.  Parker is also the maker of low mono-nitrogen oxide steam and hot water boilers and burner systems.  Most models are UL or ETL listed.  Parker manufactures steam boilers, condensing boilers, hot water boilers, thermal liquid heaters, indirect water de-aerators, blow-down tanks, storage tanks and boiler room accessories.  Parker Boiler products are widely used in food processing plants, restaurants, hospitals, schools, institutions, tire retreading, dry-cleaning plants and laundries, to name a few.

One of the main reasons for the Company's continued growth and success is the reputation established over the years for superior quality, safety, reliability, low-cost operation and maintenance of the Parker Boiler.  Safety was the foremost aspect when designing the Parker Boiler, long before modern-day safety regulations were in place.  No Parker Boiler has ever experienced an internal explosion, nor has it been possible to induce an explosion under severe testing.  The heavy steel welded, flexible construction cannot be surpassed in safety and permits free expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations.  Thermal shocks are readily absorbed without hazard or damage to the boiler