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Vertical Tubeless Boilers

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A complete line with inputs of between 4 and 150 BHP.

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The vertical tubeless line of boilers is for steam or hot water duty, using a power burner which can burn gas, oil or a combination of gas and oil.

  • The Classic Model or ICS, is offered from 4 to 60 BHP with 80% thermal efficiency.
  • The Edge Model or ICX, is offered from 4 to 30 BHP with 84% thermal efficiency.
  • The VMP is offered from 40 to 150 BHP with 85% thermal efficiency.

These boilers can be provided by themselves or as a complete skid mounted boiler system from Fulton. From the factory, Fulton can design and build a boiler system with single or multiple boilers, steam separators, condensate return systems, chemical treatment or water softeners along with controls, electrical, etc. on a skid.

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