Tower Water System

Tower Water System & Cooling Tower System

An industrial cooling tower water system from Process Engineering & Equipment Company is available for almost any cooling capacity.  Whether you're looking for a simple single-pump reservoir system or a multi-pump, multi-tower, computer-controlled system, we're ready to provide you with a combination of quality components and expertise that results in a tower cooling system that meets the challenges of your specific application.

Nearly every component of a Process Engineering & Equipment Company tower cooling system is a product that we represent or distribute.  Our engineers have been trained at factory schools for each of these components.  That training along with our experience designing and building systems since 1984 gives you the most reliable, efficient, cost-effective tower cooling system available anywhere.

A cooling tower water system may be either open or closed loop design.  The closed loop may use a closed-circuit fluid cooler or a plate-and-frame heat exchanger to isolate the process fluid from the open cooling tower water.  Typical applications for open and closed loop cooling systems are as follows:

  • Plastic injection molding
  • Aluminum extrusion
  • Hydraulic cooling
  • Welder cooling
  • Heat treating
  • Tower Water System on TruckDie casting
  • Air compressor cooling
  • Mechanical refrigeration

When your cooling tower system is on-line and performing to specification, we'll continue to back it with a limited one-year parts and labor warranty, and an extensive selection of pumps, parts and cooling system components are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.