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Amiad Filters

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“Green” liquid filtration systems for municipal, industrial and agricultural use.


Amiad specializes in “green” liquid filtration systems for municipal, industrial and agricultural use. Reliability, efficiency and effectiveness are the reputation of their automatic, self-cleaning filters and manual filters.

The Amiad filtration system uses no chemicals or polymers and has a bare minimum back flush. This reduction in energy demand allows some units to require no electricity at all. The small footprint saves installation space.

Founded in 1962, Amiad Filtration Systems has long been a leader in filtration technology. From massive industrial and municipal installations to sturdy home landscaping filters, Amiad has created solutions that water users in 70 countries rely upon for clean water.

With a full line of filtration solutions – plastic, steel, disk or thread; manual to fully automatic; filtration levels from 3500 microns to 2 microns – Amiad offers filtration systems to meet nearly any need.

Amiad filters are in use in 70 countries around the world, in applications that include:

  • Agricultural and landscape irrigation
  • Aquaculture
  • Industrial water processing
  • Municipal water treatment (drinking and waste water treatment)
  • Prefiltration to protect costly media and reverse-osmosis systems

Every Amiad filtration system is built for efficiency, effectiveness and reliability. All Amiad filtration systems are backed by their commitment to customer service. Amiad designs are built to reduce the need for water and other resources. They reduce the need for backwash water over other technologies. The Amiad screen filter designs use about 20% of the water that conventional sand filters use. In general, Amiad filters are reusable. You can replace bag and cartridge type filters with the Amiad designs.

Amiad Water Systems has acquired ARKAL and FILTOMAT to bring a family of products to every customer to meet very specific needs.

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