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Valve Assemblies

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Actuated butterfly and ball valve assemblies, typically used for cooling tower bypass and temperature control, emergency shut off and level control, are available in 2-way and 3-way assemblies.


2-Way Valve

A classic 2-way control valve assembly is composed of a ball or butterfly valve, with a quarter-turn, direct-mount, rack-and-pinion actuator. Often included is an integrally mounted solenoid valve with speed controls in both directions. Depending on the application, actuators can be spring returned to fail in open or closed position.

3-Way Valve

A typical 3-way control valve assembly consists of (2) butterfly valves mounted on a flanged tee, with an interconnecting linkage or chain to actuate the (2) valves using a single pneumatic actuator. A common “tower water bypass” application is a (2) position (open or closed) control, which includes a solenoid valve for a simple contact closure control.

All West Michigan sold Warren Controls assemblies can be equipped with limit switches, pneumatic or electro-pneumatic positioners. Electric actuated assemblies by Warren Controls are available in West Michigan as well.

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