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Spence Engineering

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Hefty inventory of floats, thermostatic traps, inverted bucket traps and Type E, pilot-operated, pressure reducing valves.


Spence Engineering maintains a hefty inventory of floats, thermostatic traps, inverted bucket traps and Type E, pilot-operated, pressure reducing valves. Also available with standard lead time from Spence are:

  • Specialty steam traps
  • Condensate pumps (non-electric)
  • Safety relief valves
  • DE super heaters
  • Control valves and noise treatment

FTN Series Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps

These steam traps handle pressures up to 125 PSIG (8.6 barg) and temperatures up to 450deg F (232°C).

Dura-Flo Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

Pressures up to 250 PSIG and temperatures up to 450°F are child’s play for these steam traps.

Benefits / Features of Spence Engineering Products

  • All Stainless Steel Internal Components. Rugged internal components such as hardened valves and seats allow extra long life and dependable service. They also resist water hammer and protect against erosion and corrosion.
  • Universal Four-Port Design. Four possible hookup combinations of the “H” pattern body and piping dimensions similar to other major manufactures allow maximum installation flexibility for easy replacement of other steam traps. Inlet and outlet taps on larger sized traps located in the cover permit larger capacities.
  • Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Element to allow venting of noncondensable vapors while operating at design pressure.
  • Rugged Welded Stainless Steel Element for increased service life.
  • Wide Selection of Differential Pressures. Sizes of 3/4” to 2” are available with 15, 30, 75 and 125 PSIG differential pressures.
  • Air Line Water Removal. Special configuration FTNA optimizes compressed air service.
  • Easy to Maintain. Working parts lift out with top for quick inspection and maintenance.
  • Corrosion-resistant. A stainless steel bucket provides maximum service life with minimum deterioration.
  • Minimized Effects of Water Hammer. Open bucket design avoids collapse typical of sealed floats.
  • Suitable for Wide Variety of Loads and Applications. Horizontal and vertical models in thirteen body sizes are among the most comprehensive inverted bucket steam trap lines available.
  • Withstand Severe Conditions. A heavy-wall, cast-iron cover and body provide many years of trouble-free service.
  • Smooth Action and Tight Shutoff. Stainless steel linkages, valves and seats are precision manufactured to insure optimal performance.
  • Ideal for “Dirty” Systems. A valve and seat located at the top of the steam trap as well as stainless steel strainers are available on most horizontal models, ensuring long service.
  • Maximum Compatibility with Existing Installations. Pressure change assemblies are interchangeable with Armstrong, which guarantees maximum flexibility when stocking repair parts.
  • Repairable In-Line. These steam trap models can be serviced without disturbing system piping:
    • FTN-15 – Steam pressures to 15 PSIG
    • FTN-30 – Steam pressures to 30 PSIG
    • FTN-75 – Steam pressures to 75 PSIG
    • FTN-125 – Steam pressures to 125 PSIG
    • FTNA-75 – Air pressures to 75 PSIG
    • FTNA-125 – Air pressures to 125 PSIG

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