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PECO Fluid Filter Assembly

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See the video and brochure on PECO fluid assemblies for how they work, features, benefits and specs.


A cooling system filter manufactured by Process Engineering & Equipment Company will provide 100% liquid filtration of your circulated cooling tower or process water. The cooling tower filter will not allow a single particulate larger than the element you specify to plug or contaminate your system. A typical liquid bag filter package will consist of two to 10 #2 bag filters mounted on appropriately sized inlet and outlet headers, with isolation valves for each housing. Liquid bag filters can be serviced on-line by isolating one liquid bag filter housing at a time. Liquid filter bags can be disposable or reusable (your preference).

Our liquid bag filters package uses Rosedale Model 8 standard #2 filter bags. At PECO, we stock a large inventory of these liquid bag filters in SS304 and carbon steel for quick delivery or prompt assembly of any custom liquid bag filters needed.

PECO Fluid Filter Assembly brochure

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