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Evaporative Condensers

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Uses either cooling refrigerant or ammonia for higher energy savings with less horsepower.


Higher energy savings and lower system horsepower than conventional condenser units are provided by evaporative condenser cooling towers, utilizing either cooling refrigerant or ammonia. The following models are available from Baltimore Aircoil through our West Michigan distributors:

  • CXV Evaporative Condenser (64 to 1888 nominal ammonia tons).
  • Series V Evaporative Condenser (up to 1608 nominal tons with centrifugal fans and up to 1914 nominal tons with multi-stage axial fans).
  • Low Profile Series V (16 to 299 nominal tons).

Many coil construction options, including copper and stainless steel, are available in Baltimore Aircoil’s closed circuit cooling towers, as well as differing system configurations such as extended surface fins and ASME.

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