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Parker Thermal Fluid Heater

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Preferred heater for fluid manufacturers.


The Parker direct-fired hot oil boiler/thermal fluid heater represents an ideal heater for thermal liquids. An all welded, bent steel tube design allows for the continuous expansion and contraction to which the heater must be subjected without damage. The double welded construction eliminates the problems of rolled or poor joining of tubes, experienced in competitive units. Thermal liquids at advanced temperatures are so thin that only the finest welding can contain the fluid without leakage. Since all fluids will burn in the ambient temperature of the gas flame, this leakage can be serious with other than our design. The effects of thermal liquid shock are nullified in our serpentine design tube assemblies.

Numerous special controls must be employed which are not standard to other Parker Boilers. Higher range temperature operating and high limit controls are provided. A pressure control is provided to monitor the pressure differential across the heater. A relay interlocks the pump motor to the burner circuit to assure that the pump is running prior to burner operation.

FM (Factory Mutual) trim is standard on Parker thermal fluid heaters. Parker offers thermal liquid heaters with standard atmospheric natural gas or propane fired burners, our new Premix Low NOx Burners, or with power burners for oil or gas firing.

Please refer to our Hot Oil Boiler Brochure 207 for internal construction details.

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