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Mueller Temp-Plate

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Flexible design can be welded, formed, or fitted to meet your exact heat exchanger needs.


The Mueller Temp-Plate™ can be applied in irregular shapes, at high pressures, high temperatures or in corrosive environments. It can also be used as an immersion, clamp-on or integral heat transfer surface.


  • Available in most materials.
  • High operating pressures.
  • High operating temperatures.
  • No gaskets required.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Easily formed to fit the shape you need.
  • Cutouts are easily provided.
  • Thermally efficient types of heat transfer:
    • Immersion heating and cooling.
    • Clamp-on heating, cooling, and temperature maintenance.
    • Integral jacketing for heating and cooling.
    • Custom heat exchanger design.
    • Evaporators
    • Condensers
  • Easily cleanable, attractive finishes available.
  • Low pressure drop design.
  • Food-grade designs available.
  • More active heat transfer surface available.

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