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Innomag Pumps

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The Innomag design integrates thrust load balancing critical to durability and endurance.


The Innomag Mag Drive pump results from years of magnetic-driven Innomag experience and knowledge. The Innomag design integrates thrust load balancing critical to durability and endurance. Innomag designed the internal flow passages to allow solution to flow through the bearing for extended life. Thrust loads are absorbed by a unique internal pressure balance system. The Mag Drive system handles corrosive solutions in temperatures ranging from -20deg F to 250deg F, and a zero leak design meets ANSI B73.1 dimensional and flow standards. PECO is the West Michigan distributor of Innomag pumps.

Innomag Solids Handling

The Innomag pumps solids which are in the stream of water while the shaft keep the bearings and pump shaft operating as designed. Leakage past the back ring allows particles to come in contact with the inner magnets and may cause failures. This 0.005″ clearance keeps solids out but allows liquids to balance the impeller.

Thrust Balancing

The revolution of impeller balancing has substantial reliability and durability. This thrust is a force in the mag-drive and if improperly applied can be very destructive. Innomag however has designed this technology with suction pressure pluse front impeller pressure which both lead to a balance pressure for peak performance.

Corrosion Resistance

All Innomag components are molded with a chemically inert ETFE or PFA fluoropolymer. These materials are designed for high corrosion resistance across a wide range of temperatures. The Innomag pump also has a double welded magnet assembly which stops corrosive materials from attacking the magnets.

Quality Components

Composite housings, exterior protection, SiC components, single piece impellers, and welded inner magnet are all parts which give this pump the edge on technology for a superior product.

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