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AC 2000 Series Pumps by ITT / Xylem

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We have the largest supply of AC 2000 Series pumps and parts in the U.S.


Process Engineering & Equipment Company (PECO) is a master distributor of pumps and parts formerly known as Allis Chalmer Pump Company. PECO retains the largest supply of AC 2000 Series pumps and parts in the U.S. The 2000 Series has recently been known as ITT 2000, G&L 2000 and ITT AC 2000 Pump Series. Currently offered as the AC 2000 pump, it’s the best heavy duty process water pump in the industry. PECO also support all pumps and parts marketed under the AC pump, ITT industries name.


Capacity: to 3100 GPM
Head: to 360 ft. TDH
Temperature: to 250°F


Rear pull-out, center line discharge and hydraulic balance – three highly desirable design features are combined to provide reliable performance at low operating costs.

The highly efficient AC 2000 Series pump is also unsurpassed in energy conservation, an increasingly important consideration as energy costs continue to climb.

Whenever end suction frame mounted pumps are needed, the AC 2000 pumps offers more benefits per dollar spent than any other pump at any price.


  • Top center line discharge design – Simplifies piping layouts, reduces piping strain and is self-venting. Feet are castintegrally with casing for sturdier installation.
  • Rear pull-out makes servicing simpler, faster. The rotating element is easily removed without disturbing piping ordriver when spacer type coupling is used.
  • Hydraulic balance of impeller extends bearing life, assuressmoother, quieter operation.
  • Available in 30 sizes.
  • Available with choice of packing or mechanical seal.
  • Working pressure: varies by size 175-215 psi with 125 psi ANSI flanges.


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