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Disc Filters

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For reliable, accurate and efficient filtration of solids and impurities.


PEP’s Filters use a specially designed disc filtration technology. Thin, color-coded polypropylene discs are diagonally grooved on both sides to a specific micron size. A series of these discs is then stacked and compressed on a specially designed spine.

When stacked, the groove on the top runs opposite to the groove below, creating a filtration element with a statistically significant series of valleys and traps for solids. A housing resistant to both corrosion and pressure surrounds the stack of discs. During the filtration process, the filtration discs are compressed by a powerful spring, thus supplying high filtration efficiency. As water percolates toward the core of the element, liquid filtration occurs.  Depending on the micron rating, there are 18 (in 400 micron discs) to 32 (in 20 micron discs) stopping points in each track, thus creating the unique in-depth filtration. It’s a fully automatic filtration system, which means that the filtration process starts once the flow of source water to the system begins and provides a continuous supply of clean water.


  • Filtration of solids and impurities is reliable, accurate and efficient.
  • Innovative filter design, which can store larger amounts of solids, reduces need for backwashing.
  • Short flushing duration minimizes flush water consumption.
  • Regulated flush water volume for efficient backwash and water consumption.
  • Operation is easy and automated, and requires no special tools.
  • Automatic cleansing of filter element during each backwashing eliminates the need for labor-intensive, expensive, element replacement.
  • Uninterrupted water supply during backwashing.

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