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Used & New Boiler Equipment

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When a budget is limited or a long lead time is just not possible.


WARE stocks and offers new and re-manufactured boiler equipment. WARE’s new boiler equipment is from the top manufacturers in the industry for both industrial and commercial applications. Our high quality re-manufactured boiler equipment is guaranteed to give you reliable performance with a new boiler warranty. Re-manufactured boiler equipment can be a great option when a budget is limited or a long lead time just is not possible.

New & Used Inventory

WARE delivers trailer, mobile or skid mounted rental boiler systems in any size.

Used Boiler Equipment

In response to its customer whose budget may not allow for a new boiler purchase, WARE offers remanufactured equipment. WARE has a reputation for re-manufacturing boilers turning the used boiler into top performing, dependable equipment. WARE also offers warranties on its re-manufactured equipment and keeps various sizes of re-manufactured boilers in stock, test fired and ready to ship.

And just like our re-manufactured used boiler equipment, parts can be delivered and installed by our seasoned professionals. Check out our new and used boiler equipment inventory.

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