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Updated condensing boiler

It has been just a little while since we last blogged. It has been a busy time in the industry. Amidst the throngs of the cold air we have in the north we soon remember how much heat is needed. Boilers have been put through their paces and furnace turned up just a little. The coldest is yet to come so remember to ask yourself, “Have you hugged your boiler lately?”

Fulton Boiler has placed a large emphasis on hydronic heating. From conventional plants to hybrid systems, Fulton has set a new pace in the market on its foundation of knowledge. Their newest product is the Endura boiler. Designed for variable flow primary applications, this boiler is built to last using only the best materials and components. Features include simple installation, low emissions burner performance, and a rugged-construction pressure vessel. the endura provides simple accessibility for commissioning and maintenance with latched cabinet panels and hand-wired electrical panels with terminal blocks. These units can be installed with as little as a one-inch side clearance between boilers.

With sizes from .75-2.0 MMBTU/hr inputs and capabilities to as low as 12:1 turndown, this AHRI certified piece of equipment is ready for the market. Take a look at this equipment here and lets start talking about your application today.

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