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HVAC creates comfortable environments

Everyone that has ever stepped foot into an office building takes one thing for granted – a comfortable working environment. You will never think about it until one of two things happen: You are too hot or you are too cold.

Each HVAC system we provide is created with a comfortable environment in mind. Make-up air, venting, underfloor air, and a variety of other points are taken into account with one thing in mind – to keep people comfortable. We understand the complexity of HVAC systems and the difficulty with optimizing them. Many of the newer projects we work on utilize underfloor air distribution.

If you aren’t familiar with underfloor air distribution it is space conditioning in buildings utlizing supply plenum located between the structural concrete slab and a raised floor system through diffusers directly in the occupied zone of the building. Cooling load profiles work to acheive higher thermostat setpoints compared to traditional overhead systems. Careful considerations need to be made to ensure a well-sealed plenum to avoid air leakage. Many notable buildings use underfloor air in North America.

This system, along with Johnson Controls air handlers and chillers provide a system for years to come in your facility. Let’s take the time to begin building with the future in mind.


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