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HVAC creates comfortable environments

Everyone that has ever stepped foot into an office building takes one thing for granted – a comfortable working environment. You will never think about it until one of two things happen: You are too hot or you are too cold. Each HVAC system we provide is created with a comfortable environment in mind. Make-up […]

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Updated condensing boiler

It has been just a little while since we last blogged. It has been a busy time in the industry. Amidst the throngs of the cold air we have in the north we soon remember how much heat is needed. Boilers have been put through their paces and furnace turned up just a little. The […]

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Air isn’t free

Remember when air used to be free? When every school building and business ran on air? We are talking here about compressor, dried, and pneumatic air. The kind of air that used to make the world go round – or so it seemed. Well I hate to break it to you but it’s not free anymore […]

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Boiler prep for heating season

Is your boiler ready for the heating season? Do you know where to start? Did you prepare for the season or just figure it worked when you flipped the switch off last spring, flipping it on this fall should pick up right where it left off? Each year we see schools and office buildings calls […]

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Do you know what WATER is?

Let me take just a moment and teach you some terms in the mechanical industry related to water. Hopefully you can use them. What is the difference between surface water and well water? Surface water supplies normally are high in suspended solids and dissolved gases and low in dissolved solids. Well water normally is high […]

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Mechanical drafts save money and look good too

Mechanical draft isn’t new by any means but it is something we often forget about. Venting of appliances often isn’t done properly and many times may be the leading cause of a variety of issues you may be having. Many times the venting of the system is left as a sidebar to the big picture […]

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Plastics molding industry depends on cooling tower and chiller systems

The cooling towers and process chillers we provide to our industrial customers are used in a number of applications, from aluminum extrusion cooling systems to die casting. Let’s take a look at one of those applications in particular, plastic injection molding cooling systems. Plastic injection molding companies can use both water towers and a chilled […]

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Why mechanical seals fail

Why do mechanical seals fail? Almost every pump has some sort of pump seal. There are always exceptions especially with mag-pumps like Innomag which is just an awesome technology (see more pump options by following this link) but let’s forget about these for now. Let’s first discuss what a mechanical seal is: A mechanical seal […]

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