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Ice Thermal Storage Systems

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Cool while shifting energy use to reduce first cost and operating cost.


Ice Thermal Storage Systems store cooling while shifting energy use, dramatically reducing first cost and operating cost. More than 2600 ice storage systems operate with equipment developed, designed and manufactured by Baltimore Aircoil Company. West Michigan installations include Forest Hills Eastern High School, Kenowa Hills High School, Resurrection Life Church, Central Wesleyan Church and Wolverine Power in West Michigan.

The Modular ICE CHILLER Thermal Storage Unit is a cost-effective ice on coil unit that can be applied on new or retrofit applications to provide the lowest temperature supply fluid for maximum system efficiency. Baltimore Aircoil manufactures four standard sizes: the TSU-237M (237 ton-hrs of storage), TSU-476M (476 ton-hrs of storage), TSU-594M (594 ton-hrs of storage) and the TSU-761M (761 ton-hrs of storage). Multiple TSU’s can be provided and piped together on larger projects.

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